Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah...

I got nothin'. Not a lot of running, not a lot of cycling, and no swimming. What's really bothering me is the desire isn't there and I'm using the excuse of too many other thing to do and really, there aren't. Arugh.

I did finally pick up my new bike Monday. Took it for a spin around Grand Haven and oh, is it a nice ride. I got back to the cottage and told Steve that I need cycling shoes now. He just rolled his eyes. Honestly, I'm so used to the straps on the spinning bikes and I'm using my muscles to pull the pedal as well as push, that without the straps, my feel pop off the pedals after each down stroke. Guess I'll be saving up for those next.

School is now officially done for the girls and the cottage is open for three weeks before it is rented out for the summer so I think we're heading up there Monday (or Tuesday, depending on when we can get things packed up). We would head up earlier but Steve's nephew is graduating from high school and having his open house tomorrow. Wow! He was born just before Steve and I started dating. He's a really great kid.

Hopefully once we get to Grand Haven and have new place to run, I'll get moving. Not sure about getting in the swims, though. Yes, we'll be right by Lake Michigan and that would be good swimming practice for the Tri but I think the water is going to be a little too chilly for my taste. Maybe I can get into the YMCA down the road for a couple of swims.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Regina said...

oh! do get the shoes! I am so happy that I did. No regrets. what kind of bike did you get? I love new toys.

you have a cottage? so jealous. Have a great time there!!

sometimes we need a break from things. I often wonder how motivated I will be once my first summer of races is over.

Mom on the Run said...

After the bike purchase, I've got to save a little but I'm sure it will add some serious speed. I got a Giant - it's black and gray and light. Need to ride some more.

My grandma has a cottage up near Lake Michigan in Grand Haven, Michigan. Actually, my great-grandfather built it. It gets rented out during the summer but every so often there are weeks when it is empty so we head up, enjoy it and try to do some random projects to earn out keep. It isn't anything you would see in a magazine unless it was in a before picture, but we love it, especially the musty smell that greets you when you walk in the door :-)

Joe S said...

It's easy to have a letdown after a big race like your Indy Half. Enjoy the mental break and then go out there and kick some butt in your tri training. :-)

Regina said...

I have a Giant too. TCR2 Comp. how do you like yours so far? I know what you mean about saving a little.

The cottage sounds even more wonderful now!