Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm Whipped, But I'm No Longer a Wimp

Yes, I finally did it. I swam in the lake today.

Of course I sat on the beach and only went in up to my waist all afternoon while I was there with the girls. When we got home, I was going to go for my prescribed 6 mile run but Steve convinced me to get in the water instead and then run.

Idea number three: I rode my bike down to the lake and then swim.

I got in the water about 5 pm and with plenty of boats in the water, it was pretty choppy. After a bit, I wasn't comfortable breathing every other stroke while alternating sides. I'm not sure if it was slight panic of not knowing where I was going, but I finally settled on breathing on the shore side. That way, I wouldn't get a wave in my face and I could kind of see where I was going. While the water is pretty clean, everything was green under the water and I occasionally felt like the creature from the deep lagoon after swimming through some seaweed.

I went back and forth between the swimming piers a couple of times and gradually got more comfortable. I think I'll be okay next week, although the swimming portion will probably be the slowest segments of the triathlon.

After swimming, I hopped on my bike and decided to ride the 10 mile loop around the lake. Honestly, my body was a little rubbery when I started riding but I soon found my pace and had a pretty good ride, albeit quite wet. Note to self, make sure to have a towel in the first transition because the bathing suit doesn't dry well.

I didn't have my Garmin to track how much time it took for the ride but there were a couple of place that I was close to the speed limit :-).

Once I got home, I grabbed the Garmin and iPod and ran two miles. They were pretty rough. I had a good pace but quickly needed a walking break to get up a small incline and then probably every half mile.

Now, I'm just exhausted.

I need to give a shout out to Joe from Blue Dawgs Running. He turned 50 this year and to celebrate his 50th year on this earth, among other things, he's doing his first triathlon tomorrow. Needless to say, he is way more prepared for his. Check out his blog here.

Have a great weekend.


Regina said...

Go you!! I wish we had a lake to swim in near by. You earned your chocolate today!!

Mom on the Run said...

We are really fortunate to have the 2nd largest natural lake in Indiana two blocks from our house. It turns our little town of 1,500 during the winter into a resort-type town of 3,000 during the summer. It really is a great place.

Regina said...

sounds lovely! Glad you liked the architecture of the browstones on my street. If preserved, the interiors are even more impressive.