Thursday, July 9, 2009

Is Her Butt Going to Hurt?

That was the question Emily asked Steve when he told her of my adventure today.

It all started when I dropped of the girls at a friend's house for the afternoon. No children in the house meant time for the 6 mile tempo run on the schedule. I was all set to go and went up to Steve's office to let him know and he asked when I was going to go swimming now that I have located my bathing suit. I replied maybe tonight, but then remembered that my goggles and swim cap are in the swim bag we left at my sister-in-law's over the weekend. Steve promptly suggested I ride up there to get them.

I mulled this over - 37 mile bike ride vs. 6 mile tempo run - hmmmm. He pushed me over the edge when he said you know you want to.

So I switched from running shorts to the padded biking shorts, grabbed the water bottle, helmet, and iPod (yes, I know I probably shouldn't ride but I only put it in my right ear and could hear traffic on the less traveled roads I biked on) and off I went.

The ride isn't too bad hill wise, just a bunch of rolling ones. I did have a close call with a deer but he scrambled across the road while I hit the brakes and took a bit of time to cross US30 but all in all, it was a good ride. Think I averaged around 17 mph, maybe a little faster.

So Emily's question came as they were riding bikes back from the friend's house. The answer to her question is a resounding yes, and so do my shoulders.

The weather is supposed to be much warmer tomorrow so I think maybe we'll hit the beach for a swim then.

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