Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Week on the Run

It has been an odd week. My runs have been so/so and I'm chalking it up to last week's Tri.

I took Sunday off and completed the 12 miles Monday. Ran past two young deer feasting in a front yard, not 15 feet from me. They watched me run past, I prayed I wouldn't spook them and be run over. When the run was almost done, I saw a guy riding a unicycle around the lake. You don't see that every day. I wouldn't have if I hadn't stopped off at a friend's house for a water refill.

Tuesday's 6 mile run was fantastic, good pace, felt great and then Wednesday's 7 mile tempo run was awful. I won't run again until at least Saturday when Steve gets home from the Indianapolis Speedway so I'm hoping to go to a spinning class tomorrow. I'll take the girls and a bag of stuff for them to pass the time. We tried it today and they were fine (I missed the spin class which I thought took place at noon and really happened at 6 am so I just rode for a half hour).

On top of this, I've got some funky rash on my legs. It started with a line of bumps on my calf that I thought were spider bumps. Not so as the bumps have spread to almost the exact spot on the opposite leg. I've been putting antibiotic cream on them to fight a possible infection and fessed up when I donated blood today. They called over the head person who is an RN and she said I was fine to give blood as it wasn't infected and said it is probably poison ivy, poison sumac or chiggers. Lovely. Now my legs are plastered with Calamine Lotion in hopes of getting it cleared up. I have no idea of where I might have picked it up but I hope it goes away soon!

On a much more positive note, a shout out and good luck to Regina from the blog Chiu on This. She is participating in the New York City Triathlon with Team in Training. She has a great race report up from her son's participation in the Toddler Trot. Very cute! Have a great race!!

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Regina said...

Wow! Thanks for the shout out! I really appreciate it, and the kind words about my son.

You have much better scenery that I do for a run, envious! I'm hoping to keep up the good work when this race is done as I don't have another race until September.

Did you try an oatmeal bath for your rash? Like Aveeno (sometimes CVS has their own brand which works just as well). My son gets rashes all the time and the bath works like a charm.

Thanks again!!