Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The first day of school is now history for both of my girls. They each had a fantastic day and tons of energy when I picked them up. Emily was so sweet when she saw one of her friends from preschool who was in another class. They both held hands, said something, and then hugged like long lost friends. Funny thing is they just saw each other yesterday.

On the job front, I found out this afternoon that I didn't get it. While it is disappointing, I'm sure it is for the best. Just a little, okay, a lot stressed on the finances part.

On the running front, I've been keeping up with the training plan, just not as fast as I had hoped and doing a bit more walking than I'd like. I got in a very wet 15 miles on Saturday in Grand Haven. By wet, I mean I was drenched with sweat. The air temperature was probably in the 70s when I started at 7:30 am and I don't know what it got up to by the time I finished but you probably could have wrung a good cup's worth of water out of my shirt and shorts. It was just disgusting!

On my run, I caught up to a lady who was running while her husband was following along with on his bike. I passed her, said hello, and continued on for another half mile before turning around. In the meantime, she had also turned around and I ended up passing her again. This time, I asked what she was training for. She was going to run her first marathon in Chicago. As Chicago was the site of my first two marathons, I told her a little bit about it, said good luck, and continued on my way.

About three miles later, I stopped at a park to refill my water bottle. She must have passed me because about a mile later, I passed her again. I kind of felt like the hare in the Turtle and the Hare story as I would "speed" ahead and then stop.

I'm thinking about pushing my training schedule ahead by one day so that I can do the long run on Saturday and have the recovery run Sunday. Then, when spinning starts up again, use that as my strength workout and mix things up a bit. It worked well for the half marathon.

Hope your week and training is going well.

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Susan said...

How nice it is to be able to fill others in on your race experiences!

I like how you plan to "shift and shuffle" your training to accommodate other areas of life. I am having to do a lot of that lately!