Monday, August 17, 2009

The End of Summer

Sigh! Summer is coming to an end here. School starts tomorrow for my girls just as the weather is actually getting hot (it's been in the 90s the last two days). They are excited about beginning a new school year. Kate gets to move up to the second floor of the building as a third grader and Emily is beginning a new school as a kindergartener. Tomorrow morning will be strange. I'll have to be up earlier than I have been up most of the summer and after 8 am, I will have the day to myself until 3 pm and I can go run whenever I feel like it during that seven hour span. I think I'd better head to bed now, I may have a busy day to myself tomorrow.

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Regina said...

school already? you start earl up there! I can't wait for my son to go back to preschool for the same "running" reasons.