Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ta Ta Trot and Stuff

It is 12:45 pm on a Saturday and for the first time in a long time, my run is done for the day. Temperatures are predicted to be in the 90s here for maybe the second time this summer so I decided I'd better get my run in early and avoid the heat. Although, to be honest, unless the sun comes out soon, looks like we'll be in the 70s once again.

I did finish the Ta Ta Trot for Breast Cancer last weekend. You could do a 5K or 10K and it was mostly on paved trails through a park. The 5K did one loop, the 10K, two. The weather wasn't bad, mostly overcast and probably in the 70s. It wasn't a good race for me as I just didn't feel well. Even with the inhaler, I was doing some wheezing on the run and I felt like I could have thrown up during the run. I did finish in just over one hour. The downer was that you got one bottle of water and that was it. No food unless you brought some cash along, which I didn't. However, that being said, they had the best t-shirt.

I've gotten somewhat back on track with the running. Whatever has been causing the breathing difficulties has subsided and I've gotten in some faster runs this week and even did a "speed" workout but running a bunch of hills in town as fast as I could.

I've been thankful for the runs this week as it has been exceptionally stressful. One main reason was that I had a job interview Thursday morning for the job I held until the day before Emily was born. I was feeling good going into it but now keep thinking of all the things I should have said and asked. I guess I'll hear something one way or the other sometime in the next two weeks.

With the run done, I can go help Steve work on our renovation project by pulling out insulation and the remaining staples. It is exciting to see the progress, though. There are water lines run and the plywood floor is pretty much in place, complete with insulation underneath (which wasn't there before and which caused a lot of the ruptured pipes in said bathroom. Ah, old houses, you've got to love them.

Weather update - the sun is starting to come out and it has gotten muggy!! So glad the run is done!


Nikki said...

That is the BEST shirt ever!!
How do you explain what it means to the kids? :)
FINALLY feels like summer, huh? Right as school's starting, as always.

Mom on the Run said...

I wear it with pride! Thankfully the girls haven't asked about it :-)

We headed back up to Michigan for the week and the weather is absolutely perfect! I'll enjoy it this week - not looking forward to next.

We found out teachers - Mrs. Bonine and Mrs. Cultice. I can't believe Em is going to Kindergarten!!!

Are you all set for school? What are you going to do with yourself all day?! Come back and visit? :-)

Regina said...

Great T shirt! Not sure about your neck of the woods but maybe the mugginess is causing you to wheeze more? Just a thought. We got your 90 degree weather on Monday. Fortunately we were off to LA.

Good luck with the job. Hope you get it.

Old houses are a lot of work. The projects never end.

Mom on the Run said...

The mugginess has a lot to do with it and it may just be that we really didn't have a lot of hot weather so when it gets into the 80s it doesn't feel all that hot but it gets me. It may just be a weird weed I'm allergic to is out in force, too.

I'm still waiting to hear on the job - thanks for the well wishes.