Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Week..

...has flown by! I think time has sped up exponentially since the girls went back to school. I've been helping out in Emily's class every morning for about an hour, taking about an hour to an hour and a half to run, and my day is almost shot!

The good thing, though, is I am able to get my runs in during the day, and while I wish it were warmer, the cool weather is making the runs that much more enjoyable. I think we topped out at maybe 75 today and the overnight low was in the 40s! It is great sleeping weather, too.

Last week was a heavy week of running, topping off with an eight-mile run Saturday and a 16-mile run Sunday. Both were really good. On the 16 miler, I ran my six-mile loop in town so I didn't have to bring my Amphipod water belt right away. I stopped home, grabbed the belt, some water, and part of a PopTart (yes, my fuel of choice - Brown Sugar is the best!) and then headed out for the 10 miles around the lake. Steve and the girls met me around mile 15 to load me up with more liquids and the rest of the PopTart. Fueling really does make all the difference.

The only downside from Sunday's run was that I developed a blister on my left big toe. I have some New Balance socks that have a pretty thick toe seam and if I don't put them on just right, it rubs me wrong. I felt it during the first six miles and tried to pop it when I stopped home. It developed underneath the calloused skin there from the last time this happened and I barely got it to go down.

I thought I was okay until yesterday's six mile run. By the time I was finished, it had grown in size and pain, although I didn't feel it during the run. Of course, I went to get a new pair of shoes last night and kind of went limping into the store. Dave, the store owner, looked a little concerned when I told him I needed new shoes. He looked at me funny and commented that I was walking funny.

Today is supposed to be a strength training day. To mix things up, I met two of my friends at the fitness center to spin. When we got there, we found out the fall schedule had started and there would be a Pilates class going on in the same area that the spin bikes are in. We ended up doing the Pilates for an hour and then did our spinning thing. It was a good choice because I got a lot of stretching in and felt really good afterward. Our do-it-ourselves spinning class probably isn't as hard of a workout as it is with our favorite teacher, but it is good none the less. I'll find out Monday when I'm hoping to go once again.

Tomorrow is a rest day and once again. Bring it on!!!


Regina said...

Isn't this cool weather great? I had 57˚F the other morning for my run; sublime! Although it was a bit warmer by the river since the river temp was 75˚. It makes me yearn for Autumn.

I still have until the 14th before my son goes back to preschool. They have already sent out the emails asking for volunteers for stuff. Here we go again.

sorry to hear about your blister. Hope it doesn't give you too much trouble going forward...did you get new kicks? what kind?

Mom on the Run said...

I did get new shoes - some Adidas Supernova Sequences. It was between those and some Saucony ProGrids something. Scary thing is I had to get a half size bigger.

Drusy said...

Were you the Mom on the run in the Runners Round Table chatroom today? I want to put your blog in the show notes, but there is a momontherun.net site too? email me if its you? Thanks, Toni (harvey.toni@gmail.com)