Wednesday, September 9, 2009

That Blinding Streak You Just Saw

That was me running in my new shoes. Holy cow those things are white!! Almost glow in the dark, you need sunglasses not to be blinded, my legs during winter, white.

It feels good to run in a new pair of shoes. I was starting to get some pain in my shins. Actually, it is still there, but hopefully it is nothing more than shin splints from the overused, dirtier running shoes.

The runs have gotten much better over the last week. I have upped the speed a bit and added spinning for my strength/speed workout like I did last spring for the mini-marathon. Today's class starts in a about a half hour and I'm going to get my butt kicked. I've been meeting up with some friends and we've been spinning on our own. Today, I'm going to the class which always make me to workout harder because I'm challenged to keep up with the instructor.

This week is another heavy week with a 9 mile tempo run tomorrow and a 16 mile run this weekend. I'm going to have to get it done Saturday instead of Sunday as I won't be able to fit it in Sunday. The one thing that is wearing on me is the constant juggling of my schedule. What is going on today? When can I get in the run? There is only about 5 weeks until the marathon and two more more 16 milers including this weekends. I guess that makes me feel a little better.

Time to go get ready to get my butt kicked.

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Nikki said...

Ahh, how I miss seeing you 'streak' past our house :)

Substitue teaching, huh? Did you just put in for the elementary school or were you REALLY crazy and asked for the MS/HS too? You'll probably end up working 5 days a week.

And you didn't misspell the Colts. Maybe you're only rooting for ONE of them? :)