Friday, September 11, 2009

Not Your Normal 16 Mile Run

Today, I decided I would get my 16 mile run out of the way so I could enjoy what little weekend I have. I think it was a good choice but the run took a lot longer than I had planned. Running on the tight schedule I have (ha), I was a little late for my coffee time with my three friends.

Anyway, I got my run started around 10 am, starting with a six-mile loop in town. I passed our UPS man twice - once at mile two and once at mile 5, where he stopped to ask how long my loop was. I explained I was running 16 miles in preparation for a marathon next month and he said, "Oh, that's how you keep so thin." He's a really nice guy and we do the friendly wave each time we see each other.

Around mile four, I was running down one of the main drags in town, the one that faces the town park and the beach. A guy had just come out of the coffee shop and sat down at one of the sidewalk tables. As I passed him, he yelled out, "It's working for you sweetheart!" I kind of raised an eyebrow, nodded and smiled. I think that is the first time I've gotten a comment like that. Hmmm...don't think he was drinking yet, either, maybe the coffee was for the hangover.

Just after stopping to talk to the UPS man, I ran past my friend from Croatia's house. They spent the last year and half back home and just returned last week. I haven't seen her all that much and she was out in the yard so I stopped to talk for a minute, which kind of turned into 10. Oops. I did score a couple of pairs of jeans for Kate - not bad.

I stopped home quick to pick up the Amphipod, guzzle some water, and grab a bite to eat and headed back out again. Around mile 7, I ran into a lady I hadn't seen for a while so I walked with her for a minute or two to catch up. She battled ovarian cancer last year and won. Her hair is starting to come back in - gray/black and curly instead of the blond and straight. She looks fabulous! She wondered how far I was going and what marathon I was training for. Turns out I'm running Grand Rapids on her birthday.

The next several miles went off without incident, other than being quite thirsty, guzzling water, and then not feeling so well but I ran on. Steve met me at mile 13.5 to refill the water bottle. If he hadn't, I would have been toast! I started adding in more walk breaks but it was hot and my legs were tired!

There were a lot of people out riding bikes - at least three cyclists passed me twice - and I saw another runner. Second day this week!

I finished without incident and started walking the 3/4 of a mile home. A car was coming up from behind and someone whistled at me. It was three guys in a pickup truck. Wow! Twice in one 16-mile run. Too funny. I wonder if they would have whistled if they had come up on me from the front. Ha!

Anyway, the 16 miles is done [insert sigh of relief here]. Only one more run that distance before the marathon.

Have a great weekend!


Joe S said...

Really enjoyed this. :-) Good luck with the rest of your training.

Mom on the Run said...

Thanks Joe. It was just a really random run. Too bad you can't run marathons like that. Well, I guess you could...but...