Saturday, November 21, 2009

Indy Mini Here I Come

Not really where I started from (get it? The song California here I come? Okay, it is an old song, but it popped into my head for some reason) but it is the first, and only half-marathon race I have run. I took the plunge and signed up. Hopefully it will keep me motivated to run knowing that I want to better my time. As an added bonus, Steve's cousin is also running it and I think she and I run about the same pace. Maybe we'll be able to run together.

I did get out for a run today. I only went 4 miles, took it easy as I haven't run since last Saturday, and then came home and cleaned up the remaining leaves in our yard. I felt good. Hopefully I'll get a couple of runs in this week and, if we get to GR Wednesday night, I'll run a 5K Thursday morning. Still up in the air and probably will be until about Tuesday. I want to make sure the girls aren't hacking up a lung.

Time to get Kate from a birthday party. Hopefully the last for a while. Emily had two last weekend and Kate had one this weekend. I really need to stockpile gifts.

Have a great week! And, if I don't get to blogging, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Regina said...

I have to sign up for races to stay motivated even though I don't like doing them. It's the only way for me. good luck with the Indy.

we are all hacking up bits of lung here too. It killed me in my run class last Tuesday and probably will this week too as it is still with me. grrrrrrr