Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Week, and Still No Running

Yep. I probably could have gone today, but I didn't. I just enjoyed cleaning up the house and hanging out with the girls. (Christmas decorations kind of threw up in my living room - it is looking nice once again, but seriously, I cannot believe how many Christmas ornaments we have!)

We literally had something going on every single night this week. Two more nights and then we will have nothing. This weekend is our church's Christmas production - three performances over three nights. It is really a neat thing and a lot of fun. I've been in the choir several years and this year, am helping out with the kids' choir as Kate and Emily are both singing. They are so cute, especially Emily who can really belt it out. She is standing front and center, too.

Last night was our first performance and we really hadn't heard one song that precedes our entrance. We ended up sending the kids in about four minutes too early because there is a pause in the music and the lights went down. We though that was it and we were up next so off we went down. Unfortunately, the lights came back up and the music and choir started singing again. We sat the kids down on the steps and prayed they would be quiet. They behaved beautifully. Tonight, we'll know to go down a little later.

Time to get going and get ready. Hope you have a great weekend!!!


Regina said...

I'm sorry, but the way you worded this made me laugh, "Christmas decorations kind of threw up in my living room-it is looking nice once again". I have this vision of Santas and reindeer spewing garland all over the place...

The Christmas pageant sounds lovely. They do a Posada at my church (but I'm not much of a churchgoer...)

Nikki said...

OK, you ENJOYED cleaning up the house?! Whoa. You ARE a saint :)

Tell Emily and Kate to belt it out loud and proud so Lili can hear!!

Susan said...

I understand 100% what it's like to have something going on every night! Life does get soooo busy this time of year. Give yourself a break!

Thank you for your kind words about my race blog post. It means the world to me!!!