Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back At It

It is a balmy 29 degrees here and the winds are just right so we are getting some lake effect snow courtesy of Lake Michigan. There is just a dusting but it is pretty. What do you do when it is like that? Yes, sir. Go for a run. Actually, I've gotten in three runs in the past week! It feels good to get moving again.

The girls got me some new headphones, the kind that wrap over your ear. They are great! They also got me some Isotoner gloves. They are fleece but also waterproof and are the kind without fingertips but a mitten flips over top. They are a great for running - not so great for sledding.

Speaking of which, we took the girls sledding last night and Steve has them out again tonight. We saw the ultimate in redneck sledding last night. When we got to the sledding hill, two guys had the funniest smiles on their faces and were unloading something rather large. They took it over to the hill and went down together. Later, we found out they were going down on a car hood.

Tonight, Emily took the plunge with Kate and went down the big hill (that is after she screamed and cried all the way down a little tiny hill last night). Steve said it was silent all the way down. When they finally stopped, she stood up, turned around, and yelled "Sweeeett!" I have a feeling we'll be heading over more this weekend. Time to invest in snowpants.

Hope you all have a great New Year!!!

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Regina said...

glad you are back on the road, so to speak.

Here is ghetto sledding; when I was in college I worked at a restaurant as a waitress. One night when it snowed after our shift we took the big huge serving trays an headed for the hills to sled on them. (oh, and some libations from the bar too, gotta keep warm!).

we got our snow today, it's coming down pretty hard.