Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Little Numb

It has been downright cold here! We haven't had temperatures above freezing since Christmas day. As mini-marathon training started Thursday, and I skipped the first two runs, I made myself go out Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully, by Saturday, the snow that had fallen Thursday and Friday had been plowed and melted so the roads were pretty clear for running. Other than tracking in a bunch of rocks and dirt and not being able to feel my legs, they were good runs.

Sunday, I only went two miles, running to the local sledding hill to meet Steve and the girls who were there. Even with my iPod on (granted it wasn't that loud), I could hear the girls' shrill screams as they went down the hill.

I got there just in time to watch the girls and their two friends go down the hill on our tube. I think we may have exceeded the weight limit, and, after the second time of going airborne, the tube popped, and that was the end of that fun. I will say, the tube was fantastic while it lasted. Not only did it insulate you against the bumps, you felt like you were in a Buick, just kind of floating over the bumps.

I got in one more run today - it was so needed! I felt good, only stopped to walk twice when I stopped to talk to some friends. I was pleased with my overall pace and can now sit and watch the Biggest Loser guilt free. (Now that we found both remotes needed to operate our television that only gets five channels, seven on a good day).

It's supposed to be 40 degrees here tomorrow!! While I won't get in a run tomorrow, it's still supposed to be 40 on Thursday. I'll take it!

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Regina said...

You and I are having the same weather...freezing cold!! And also. like you, we are expecting 40˚F tomorrow; break out the sunscreen!

I used to go tubing as a kid, it was awesome!!! I loved it!