Sunday, February 14, 2010

What to do?

I guess I have a little time to actually commit, but I don't want to miss my chance.

Here's the deal. My birthday (39th birthday to be exact) is October 10. Yes, the magical 10-10-10! I really want to run a marathon that day, more specifically, the Chicago Marathon that day. It was the first marathon I ran, and it would be my fifth marathon.

On the other hand, I really want to try to qualify for Boston this year (a goal I gave myself a couple of years ago was to qualify for Boston by the time I'm 40 and that time frame is getting shorter by the day). Is it reasonable to think that I can take 13 minutes off my current marathon time this year? Can I do it at a congested marathon like Chicago? Or, should I stick to my tried and true, awesome marathon experience in Grand Rapids where the field is much smaller and much less congested.

The other thing factoring in is the cost. $135 for Chicago plus all the extras traveling to/from Chicago, staying the night, etc. vs. $75 (I think) for Grand Rapids and staying with my parents.

Hmmmm...decisions. Any opinions?


Kelly said...

I may not be the best opinion, since I wanted to run Chicago last year. But I think it would be awesome to do Chicago ON your birthday. When is Grand Rapids? I think that would sway my decision. If they were far enough apart, maybe you could do both?

Mom on the Run said...

GR is the next Sunday. I'm really leaning toward making Chicago work.

Regina said...

I say go for it. What is the point of setting goals otherwise? Sometimes we have to sacrifice to see to it that we reach them. Add some speed work once a week and you'll knock off that 13 minutes (I'm discovering track workouts suck, but work at making you faster).

good luck!

Joe S said...

Don't forget the qualifying time for Boston goes down another 5 minutes for women after 40. I ran the Broad Street Run on one of my birthdays. One of the best birthday presents I ever gave myself. :-)