Sunday, September 5, 2010

Somthing's Gotta Give

Yep, that's right. I got to the point of needing to back off on something or things were going to start falling apart in my world. I'm not running a fall marathon. I'm kind of sad about it but largely okay.

The daily pressure of trying to figure out when I was going to get in a run was driving me crazy and almost to the point of really hating running. I needed to take a step back and concentrate on a few more important things, one being my family.

We've undergone some major changes in the last year. Both my husband and I have gone from working at home (very enjoyable but not very profitable) to working full-time. I went back to work in November and Steve started working part-time in May and then went to full-time in June. My schedule is a steady Monday-Friday while his fluctuates days and times making running consistently at a certain time a little difficult. I know, if I got up at 4:30 a.m. to do the run I could get it in regardless but I really enjoy my sleep, too.

So, that's where I'm at. After missing about two weeks of running due to illness and literally not having enough hours in the day, I knew I had to pull the trigger on the marathon.

I am, however, racing tomorrow. Well, not so much racing as running - okay, okay, surviving a race tomorrow morning - the Blueberry Stomp 15K. Against my better judgment, I'm planning on signing up in the morning and running the torture of a race. Thankfully, I'll be running with some friends from our church so hopefully they will keep me going - slowly.

I will keep updating the blog. I've got some plans for races next year - I don't want to stop the endurance sports and I want to make my 39th year on this earth a good one and go into my 40s fitter than I was in my 20s.

Thanks for reading!


Joe S said...


I had to do the same thing this year. There were too many things going on in my life and I realized I could not devote the time necessary to train for any kind of long events. So, I'm doing a 5k here and there just for fun and keep in touch with people. (BTW, the 39 is nothing. Still a pup.) :-)

chrischaos said...

running, thats one thing i was good at when i was younger, it just didnt like me very much. bum that ur not running a marathon this fall, but sweet that u ran a race!