Monday, February 18, 2008

A No Running Weekend

As you can tell, I didn't run at all this weekend. Yesterday would have been great - temps in the high 40s - but by the time I had a chance to go after church, grocery shopping, etc., the calm had turned to severe wind gusts that would have kept me in one place. 

Saturday, our church hosted a Cabin Fever event. A day full of play on inflatables with a concert in between.  I guess there were around 650 kids and I was responsible for six of them. They were well behaved and it was probably the easiest chaperoning gig I've ever had. 

I did get a total of four runs in last week, with the longest begin 6 miles on Wednesday. Thursday, I went 3 miles before I just felt lousy and headed to the elliptical for about 10 minutes. Moira and I did the Killer Pillar ab workout, which I felt all weekend. I donated blood Thursday afternoon so a run on Friday was out. 

I'm hoping to get something in today. I'm going to see how I feel. The cold I had about three weeks ago has landed in my chest. I just feel run down which is why Thursday's "run" was so lousy. I have plenty of other things to keep me busy today - two meetings tonight, cleaning and painting husband's office, I know there is more, just can't think. Maybe a nap will be thrown in there, too. 

Things are looking up, though, this weekend temperatures here are supposed to get into the 30s for a couple of days! Okay, when you go from 7 degrees Saturday morning to 46 degrees yesterday, and back down to the teens today, a consistent temperature is a something to be excited about. Pathetic, I know. 

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