Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ordinary Miracles

It has been a week! I only got in three workouts - Monday and Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. Monday and Wednesday were a combination of elliptical and treadmill and the distance was about 5 miles each. I'm still trying to shake some chest congestion that leave my lungs rattling when I cough and ended up working until around 3:30 am Friday morning which didn't help things.

Saturday morning was the running group. Unfortunately, Mother Nature continues to play games with us and, while the temperatures were hovering around freezing, a nice layer of icy snow fell overnight and left the roads a little treacherous. Only three of us showed up, and after talking for a little bit, headed out in different directions.

I dug out my Nike+ system (inspired again to try by Adam Tinkoff's podcast Another Runner). As I left the coffee shop, I turned on my iPod and out of the blue, the thing worked once again. The first song on my playlist was Ordinary Miracle by Sarah McLaughlin. It was an ordinary miracle that my crazy sensor was working, that I was able to go out running, that I had found a great group of fellow runners and friends, the list goes on.

I got in a four mile run, although I was reduced to walking several times to get through slushy puddles and across patches of ice. It felt so good to get outside that I'm not complaining.

The temperature plummeted once again overnight and we are hovering around 1 degree. It will be a day or two before we are back up around the freezing point so I guess it is back on the treadmill and elliptical. Spring is coming - it'll be just another ordinary miracle.

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Joe S said...


Don't get discouraged by the number of people in this weeks running group. Nobody showed up this week because of miserable conditions here in PA. It happens. People will pop up like daisies when its gets to be springtime! Think spring! :-)

Joe S