Saturday, February 2, 2008

Running Excitement

First of all, an apology. I obviously had short-term memory loss or was worrying a little too much about the first meeting of our running group because I realized I made two essentially identical posts. A good example of what not to do when blogging. 

Anyway, there is running success here! Our little town of 1,500 produced 9 people for this morning's first meeting of the Culver Runners (I think I'm going to have to change the name). I knew most of the people as existing runners or walkers, but we had one lady who came who wants to be a runner and is working on her endurance. I know of several people who were going to come but had other commitments or may have questioned the saneness of running outside on a morning like today with parts of the roads still covered in snow courtesy of a snowstorm early Friday morning. 

We spent about 20 minutes talking and sharing marathon stories and then headed out. Still recovering from a cold that has settled in my chest, I brought up the rear of the running pack but it was good to be outside again. I know I went four miles but don't know what the time was. 

Thanks to Joe at Blue Dawgs Running for the advice he gave me on happy running clubs. 

Now, it is off to work while the kids trash the house and watch Cinderella 2 for the umpteenth time.  

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Joe S said...


May I suggest you change the name to the Blue Dawgs (Midwest division)? :-)

Good luck to your running group. Meet at the same time every week and you will be surprised at how much of a routine it becomes for all. You will miss it if you don't go! Stay warm!

Joe S