Saturday, March 1, 2008

Do I Smell Spring?

I haven't actually smelled it yet, but after a week that brought over a foot and a half of snow, one snow day, and a two hour delay, the temperatures are supposed to be up in the 40s tomorrow! Okay, we'll be dipping back down to freezing again next week, but I'll take this reprieve for a moment.

After almost two weeks of not running because any sort of exertion sent me into coughing fits, I got in a four mile easy run today. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, but knew the running group would be getting together this morning. I actually got there early and enjoyed a cup of coffee before anyone arrived. We had four people, including myself and while one walked, the remaining three of us headed out for a run together. The roads were relatively clear and the temps were in the high 20s. It is so nice running with others although I'm dying to hear the new episode of Phedippidations. I'll save Steve Runner's latest rambling diatribe for a rambling run. It'll motivate me to get moving once again.

It is a full weekend. Kate is starting a dance performance class and it is a good 1:15 minute drive from here. Thankfully, there are several girls taking the class so there are plenty of car poolers. I have rehearsal at church tomorrow night for our Palm Sunday drama. I have a long paragraph to memorize - yikes! I didn't realize Palm Sunday is only two weeks away!

I need to get cleaning, too. My parents are coming to visit Tuesday (hopefully, if the weather is good). We haven't seen them since New Year's and they need their grandchildren fix.

I'll leave you with this picture of summer. It was taking last summer when we were in Grand Haven, Mich. My brother, sister-in-law, nephew, parents, and my family all stayed at my grandma's cottage by Lake Michigan. Our favorite fast food joint is a place called Pronto Pups. They sell corn dogs (or hot dogs on a stick as Kate calls them) and Coke products out of a little hut along the boardwalk. Emily took her pronto pup and sat down by herself enjoying the breeze and the view.

Looking foward to warmer weather!

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