Saturday, March 15, 2008

Half Way Through the Crazy Weekend

First of all, after all the complaining about the weather, the last three days have been GLORIOUS here!! I got two runs in, unfortunately, both were short, but I'm trying a new route and the last mile is filled with two really steep hills and one fairly good one. Okay, and one day, I stopped for about 20 minutes and talked with a friend who was out walking her dog and enjoying the 40-50 degrees.

I've officially put my boots away for the season. I'm sick of wearing them and have decided that my flip flops, even though my feet may be cold, are much more comfortable.

I'm halfway through my crazy weekend. The Prom Dress shop went well this morning. When I was there, there seemed to be a steady stream of people with most girls finding something they could wear. There were two best friends who came in who were just hysterical. They probably tried on about four or five dresses each, modeled them all for us, and we got to help pick them out. They were adorable. That made it all worth while!

Now it is time for a shower and a quick toy pickup - well, maybe just a couch straightening up as Em's just going to keep playing with the toys - then off to get the babysitting, get dinner ready and go to my sister-in-law's Murder Mystery Party. She's doing the Indy Mini-Marathon for Team in Training and this is a fundraiser for that event. I'll put up the contact information tomorrow when I have a chance.

Have a great weekend!

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