Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Will Survive!

I did survive! I made it through the Prom Dress Shop, drama rehersal, the murder mystery party, three performances this morning, and chaperone duty!

I have to say that I embrace my dark side this weekend. At the murder mystery party, I played the ex-lover of the deceased. Turns out, I caused his demise. Add that to having the part of the Woman at the Well and saying "In Samaria, I was known as a harlot" this morning once during each of the three services . . .

I guess it is time to slow down. Both of my girls are now sick (I guess at least it is at the same time). They both are running a fever and have the beginnings of the chest congestion. Hopefully everyone will sleep in tomorrow morning. My husband isn't feeling so well either. Anyone know a doctor who gives a three for one discount? We could use it!

Needless to say, with all of the events of the weekend, there was no running. Well, there was a lot of running from place to place, but no put on the running shoes and get out there and sweat. This week should be much better. One meeting tomorrow night and a couple of mailings to get out for Tour de Max and I'll be set.

Just say no, just say no, just say...

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