Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Body Hurts

It is probably a multitude of factors - weed pulling, fast longer run, and attempting to do fartleks yesterday - but I am sore. My calves, shoulders, hips are tender. Not to mention my toes. I think one toenail is toast but I'm afraid to check because the "The Lifeguard Made Me Blush" toenail polish I had applied when I had a pedicure two weeks ago, still looks great! Thankfully, today is a rest day and I'm ready for it.

On a different note, our daughter Kate has been hounding my husband to take her fishing for the last two summers. Somehow, it never happened ... until Monday night. Steve and Kate took out the Scooby-Doo fishing pole and the real fishing pole and went down to the lake to see what they could catch. Monday night, they caught and released about 9 fish. However, last night, as they were getting ready to go, Kate managed to catch a 14 inch Bass.

Here they are with their catch. Steve was able to get two decent fillets which we promptly placed on the grill and enjoyed for dinner. Okay, Kate and Steve had them for dinner.

I have a feeling they'll be fishing off the Grand Haven pier if we head up there next week and they'll want to take one of the many fishing charters for a morning of serious fishing.


Rick said...

It seemed as though you have a pretty agressive training program selected that you're jumping right into. Take care in your training. Hope the soreness doesn't continue.

Well done, Kate! Nice fish she got there. I think a Grand Haven charter fishing trip is most definitely in order for that young lady. I started taking Lindsey out on Lake Michigan a few years ago. She loves salmon fishing!

Mom on the Run said...

Went for a six mile run today and felt ok. Legs were a little sluggish but I didn't eat a whole lot today, either, which doesn't help. Didn't make it to Taco Bell :-) I've got a back up plan if this one proves to be too much (which it may be).

In Grand Haven, there is a public marina and a fish filleting station (?) where the charters can come in and cut up the fish. Kate and Em love to stand a watch - some of those guys are artists with the filleting knives.

Although Emily is starting to wonder about what actually happens to the fish. Last night she asked where the rest of the fish was that Kate caught and ate and I explain that Daddy put it in the trash. She got really mad and upset that the fish wasn't back in the water and she was "going to pray to God that the fish would come back."

Rick said...

I'm sure that, just like dogs... all fish go to heaven. Very sweet of Em to have those heartfelt thoughts. Lindsey is a lot like that too, even at the age of 13. ;)

Glad to hear that you have a backup plan. I think you'll get accustomed to the mileage though. It'll just take a week of two.

My dad is one of those filet-artists! I'll be going solo this summer - he'll be on a 3 week Prince Edward Island/Nova Scotia trip with my mom and Lindsey so, another couple is going with Tammy and I to Ludington this August. It'll just be the other husband and I fishing and, whatever we catch, I'll have to clean. Not a big deal, but I'm used to cleaning walleye, not salmon.