Friday, August 15, 2008

It's a Bit Quiet

Kate is back in school and Emily got to go to my mom's house along with my brother and nephew so it has been a little quiet here during the day. I haven't wasted the time, though. I've been diligently doing my editing work (I have another 20 chapters to complete - at least the book is interesting) and getting in my runs. I did 8 miles yesterday in what started to be a cool overcast afternoon. By the time I was done, it was clear and hot, and I was soaked.

This evening, I did my 7 miles in low 80 degree temperatures. I stopped for a couple of minutes at about 4 miles to talk with a friend and then went on my merry way. Ended up finishing in about 1 hour, 7 minutes, which I was pleased with. Unfortunately, I'm finding myself starting out too quickly. At about .5 miles, I looked at the Garmin and it had me at an 8:30 pace!! Yikes!! There is no way I can keep that up for 6.5 more miles. I kept fighting the pace for a while until I had to slow down.

My ankles have been bothering me. I think the half mile of trail running combined with walking in the sand last week twisted them just a bit. I have a wrap I've been alternating between ankles. It's time to start phasing in my new running shoes, too, and use them a little more often.

There's an 8 mile run on the schedule for tomorrow and 15 miles for Sunday. For some reason, I'm kind of dreading the 15 miles partly because I'll probably run them in Grand Rapids and I'll have to figure out a route and partly because it 2 1/2 hours of running. I have my trusty runcasts, though, and they'll help me through and my brother is going to run the first three miles with me. That's a treat because he lives in San Antonio.


Joe S said...

It's tough doing long runs right now with summer still hanging in there. I only did 10 miles on Sunday but it felt like I was out there forever. Good luck and keep up the good work outh there.

Mom on the Run said...

Thanks Joe!