Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back To Work

After two days in Michigan, we arrived home last night a couple of pounds heavier. Between all that we ate, bought, and brought home, the car was full.

I didn't do the Gobble Wobble because we didn't go up to Grand Rapids until Thursday. I was bummed but did a four mile run Wednesday night instead.

It was a nice Thanksgiving, although a little on the quite side. Once of my aunts had a lumpectomy this summer and is now going through chemo to make sure the cancer is all out of her system. Unfortunately, she's battling a pretty good infection and is spent the week at the hospital.

My grandma, who is 96 and still active, brought a bunch of slides so my Aunt Lora got out the slide projector and screen and we sat around looking at pictures for about an hour. There were a bunch of my mom and aunts in their younger days and some scary ones from the 70s when everyone had a lot more hair (okay, except my brother and I who were a lot younger in those days).

Speaking of the 70s, it has become a much hated concept in our house. We (okay, Steve) is doing a bunch of ripping and tearing on the back of our house were an outside porch was eventually turned into part of the house and a bathroom was crudely added on. (Insert roll of the eye and shake of the head here). What started out as a simple bathroom redo of the said added room now has the studs exposed and the floor and floor joists ripped out of the back of my house. I can no longer safely get out my back door. The reasons are long and plenty for why the scope of the project has ballooned - let me just put it this way in two phrases that we have used often - WHY? and WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?!?

Now, Steve has the girls trying to convince me to turn the back into an indoor beach. We already have the sand as there wasn't a concrete slab installed underneath - it's dirt. There is a large hole made with concrete block and a sewer pipe at the bottom which could be turned into a whirlpool. And, the icing on the cake - the original outside steps down to the basement which Steve has offered to turn into once of those pools with the jets that allow you to swim in place.

All I want is a working second bathroom (Emily pushed Kate off the toilet a couple of weeks ago because she had to go so back - oh, there was a mess but I did laugh about it and actually still am) and a place to do my laundry. I'm really sick of taking my stuff to the laundromat.

Oh well, at least I can still use my kitchen.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

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Rick said...

Happy *belated* Thanksgiving, Karen.