Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Yes, that stuff that begins with S and ends with W and in the middle has the word NO is quickly falling from the sky. This will be the second measurable snowfall we've had this week courtesy of the lake effect snow machine we lovingly call Lake Michigan. 

We live just outside of the area that gets nailed by lake effect snow (often by the foot), but if the winds are blowing just right, we can get a dousing. I think we're up for 2 inches or so tonight and had probably a little over an inch Monday night. 

I have been going over to the Fitness Center and hitting the elliptical machine, usually trying to get to five miles and 500 calories burned on the elliptical. I think it takes about 48 minutes to get there. Yesterday and today, I hoped on the treadmill afterwards for 20 minutes, yesterday, and 15 minutes today. So my mileage is close to 7 miles which makes me feel pretty good. 

I'm hoping to run a 4.2 mile race on Thanksgiving, the East Grand Rapids Gobble Wobble. I just love the name. I'm not sure why it is 4.2 miles, unless that is the distance around Reeds Lake. We'll see. Right now it looks like it will be in the high 20s that morning so I'll have to pack a couple of layers. 

At the other end of the exercise spectrum, my re-ordered bathing suit arrived today. I ordered one two weeks ago and should have just ordered the sizes on either side. I didn't because I hate messing with returns so I hoped for the best. It arrived Saturday and, after squeezing myself into it, decided it was just a little too tight and unflattering. Note to self - I hate shopping for bathing suits. 

Sunday night, I swallowed my pride and ordered the next size up. Speedo is one company who has not adjusted their sizes - i.e. a large is not now considered a small. It arrived today and is much more comfortable. I'm excited to use it, but right now, the last thing I want to do is shed the layers that I wear to keep warm to get into a swimming pool. Especially right now because swimming season has started here and I'm sure the temperature is not up to bath water standards. 

I know, I'd feel sluggish swimming in bath water temps (I remember one swim meet in high school where that was the case - it was miserable) but just the thought of the shock of getting into a pool sends shivers down my spine. 

Hey, where's my blanket? Can we turn up the thermostat? Maybe I'll make myself some tea. 

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Rick said...

I had the pleasure of sitting out in a deer blind yesterday morning whilst being covered to unrecognizability by the white stuff. It was pretty cool. Alas, back to civilization and... w**k. Have fun with the race. I forgot you swam. I have never been much of a swimmer. I do like to water ski though.