Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Heading to the Deep Freeze

According to the weather forcasters, temperatures around here are going to hover around zero for the next couple of days. We're also getting snow and tomorrow, may have some blizzard conditions. In preparation, I'm trying to get on top of the snow shoveling so that we don't get buried. I actually worked up a sweat this morning clearing the two inches of light, white stuff we received overnight.

The best part about it was the two hour school delay that allowed me to sleep for an extra hour.

I didn't run yesterday. Instead, went to the spinning class where I deposited a pool of sweat on the mat meant to protect the carpet. At the end of the last song, which was a build up to a sprint, I lifted up my head and felt the wall of sweat fall. Yuck! But it is such a good/tough workout, that leaves me gasping at times, but wanting more.

Today, it is back to running, and understandably, on the treadmill. I have the iPod filled with the latest podcasts to get me through. I have to increase the distance to four miles - 40 minutes. I need to try one of the other treadmills. The one I've ended up on the last couple of time is, I believe, faulty. I think the incline is off and something doesn't seem grounded, electrically, because you are shocked each time you touch the grab bar. Although, I did find a way around the 20 minute timer limit (treadmill problem).

Well, time to go...

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