Sunday, January 11, 2009

Total Kid Randomness

First of all, the Christmas decorations are all coming down and I still haven't gotten the Christmas cards out. I kind of gave up on that Christmas Eve. Maybe we'll just send out Valentine's cards instead.

While I was taking off the Christmas ornaments, I noticed that Emily added a little something extra. Can you find it (kind of like Where's Waldo or I Spy something green)?

She added a couple of barrettes to decorate the tree. There is just one in the picture.

On a different note, Kate was practicing hand stands two weeks ago while I was out for a run. Unfortunately, her last handstand didn't go as she planned and she fell over the wrong way, hyper extending her fingers. Thankfully, nothing was broken but, oh, did hurt. Unfortunately, it was her writing hand. It really didn't slow her down at school this week. They started learning cursive and she has been waiting to learn how to write "fancy" since the beginning of the school year.

Speaking of fancy, our local library had a Fancy Nancy tea party. If you haven't heard of Fancy Nancy, oh la la, she is fabulous (that's a fancy word for really neat). Emily got dressed up in her fanciest clothes (which probably weren't all that fancy by Nancy's standards, but better than jeans) and we had heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cookies, and tea. These are really cute books for girls about seven and under.

Finally, the last of kid randomness. Emily was walking around in her Cinderella shoe (she said the other one is broken and why we just have one is beyond me). She walked into Steve's office and without missing a beat, informed him that "These shoes make quite a pounding."

I'll be back to running topics tomorrow. And, by the way, seven days and no Diet Cokes!


Kelly said...

Wow a whole week without your beloved drink? Way to go! You kids are adorable. I love the new decorations you found.

Mom on the Run said...

Thanks. Those two keep us on our toes and laughing...most of the time :-)