Friday, January 9, 2009

Snowy Friday

Yep, it's happening again. Surprise! It's snowing here in Northern Indiana. We're only supposed to get a couple of inches where we are, not the 9 inches or more places to the north of us are forcasted to receive. It did start quickly, though. There were just a few flakes when I took Kate to school at 7:55 am and by the time I left the house to take Emily to school at 8:20 a.m., everything was covered with snow. As much as I don't really like the cold, the snow is quite pretty.

I've kept up with the running this week, although it has been on the treadmill. Up until yesterday, they weren't too bad. Yesterday I struggled. The pace was a 9:40 per mile pace and I had to walk twice. I have the sinking feeling there is some sort of sickness headed my way as my lungs felt full of crud. Later in the afternoon, I was feeling a little dizzy. Probably needed more water.

By the way, there are still two Diet Cokes in my fridge. Haven't had one since Sunday. Not really missing it right now, either.

I'm scheduled to run 3 miles today but not sure when I'm going to get it in. Maybe a little later tonight. Heading out to have coffee with some friends before we pick up our kids from preschool. That and an informal meeting on the upcoming bike tour I'm in charge of.

Off to plan. Hope you have a great day!


Joe S said...

That dizziness is Diet Coke withdrawal!!!! Fight the urge. :-)

Mom on the Run said...

So far so good today! And, got the run in. Thanks for the encouragement! Enjoyed your appearance on RRT, okay, well, what I got to listen to. I'll load it up on the iPod this weekend and listen. Your smackdown banter with Steve makes me laugh.

Rick said...

We now have just over a foot of the white stuff. Tammy and I were able to get out for a run today though as they've done a pretty good job clearing our primary roads here. We have both registered for the Bayshore Half Marathon up in Traverse City Memorial Day Weekend. It will be her first half (mine too, actually) and her first major long distance race. We're big Diet Coke with lime fans as well, though our whole family doesn't drink much pop anymore. Hope you had a good weekend! Have a great week.

Mom on the Run said...

Way to go getting out! I just didn't make it today and we have maybe three or four inches. Our streets are still pretty messy, though.

Congrats on Bayshore - way to go Tammy! I'm tempted to sign up but I'll have just run Indy a couple of weeks earlier. Maybe we'll have to drive up (we'll probably be in GH that weekend) and be your cheering crew.

Rick said...

That would be cool. There are going to be a lot of folks from the online running forum community, RunningAHEAD, like Zoomy, there as well. She is running the full.