Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ah, Spring...

While out on my run yesterday, I saw several hints of spring. Strangely enough, two of them have to do with food.

The Root Beer Stand is officially open and people were sitting at the picnic tables enjoying their treats. As I got closer to home, an ice cream truck was driving up and down the streets looking for customers.

The weather was perfect for running - in the 50s. I wore a long sleeve shirt and shorts.

The older gentleman who rides his Schwinn for exercise was out doing his laps around town, his full winter beard shaved down to a goatee. I passed him on a long uphill stretch. Then when I stopped to walk, he took the advantage and passed me.

I do want to know why my tempo run on Wednesday, as a faster pace, was so much easier than my run yesterday. I felt like I was exerting more energy but not running as fast. I guess we all have days like that. I will say, I am feeling much better, just residual coughing.

Wednesday's run demonstrated how much better I'm feeling because I ran the 7 miles at my goal half-marathon pace. Mentally, I just kept talking myself through the "hills" and got it done. It also made up for Tuesday's bad run - 4 miles with plenty of walking was all I could muster.

Today, I'll head out for a 12 mile run. The temperatures are down around the 30s so I think I'll be doing two loops in town rather than go around the lake. I'll get it done, though.

Have a great weekend.


Kelly said...

How'd the 12 mile run go?

Mom on the Run said...

I headed out around the lake. It was a little warmer than I though but a lot more wind than I thought. It wasn't the best 12 mile run of my life but, with several walk breaks, Phedippidations and Running in the Center of the Universe, got it done. Thanks! How was the Tri?

Nikki said...

We were in town today and saw that the Root Beer Stand was open!! We were so excited, like spring is now OFFICIALLY here!

Mom on the Run said...

It's snowing today and there are still people there.