Monday, March 30, 2009

Where Did You Go, Spring?

Well, Friday and Saturday's decent weather was replaced by snow flurries and chill yesterday. Thankfully, I did do the 12 miles Saturday even though it was a little chilly. I had to run 5 yesterday, but decided 4.36 was probably enough under the circumstances. Funny, how just a month ago, I was thrilled at running in 32 degree weather and now, I scoff. Although, today, I think it was just as cold when I ran but the sun was shinning and what a difference that made.

This afternoon, I was listening to Running to Disney on the computer while attempting to do some work. Emily was sitting at the table with me. Gordon was talking about the Disneyland Half Marathon and all Emily heard was Disneyland. The following conversation ensued:

Emily: Disneyland?
Me: Yes, Disneyland. He's talking about a half-marathon. Do you want to run it with me?
Pause while Emily thinks...
Emily: Yes, but you have to run slow.
Me: Don't worry. If you run with me, I will run slow (thinking I will be carrying you rather than running remembering the Blueberry (Not So) Fun Run back in September).
Another pause while Emily thinks...
Emily: Is is a llooooooonnngg way?
Me: Yes, it's pretty far.
Emily: No. I don't want to run it.

Well, so much for the Disneyland Half and Emily.


Regina said...

At least she asking to be picked up when she is tired from running. Mine wants to be picked up after WALKING to the corner. I'll make a man of him yet.

I envy your mileage. I just had a setback, sprained my ankle when I was just about to up my meager mileage. I'll live vicariously through you.

Btw, thanks for adding me to your blogs that you follow ;)

Tim Doiron a.k.a "Derv" said...

My son is great for reminding me that he just ran 20 minutes on Wii Fit or when I get home and he says how many miles did you run and you say 18 and he reminds you "I thought you were running 20"....

Great blog,

Mom on the Run said...

Regina, I'm so sorry about your ankle. Hopefully you have a speedy recovery. As for walking, I had to give Emily a shoulder ride when we went to pick up my older daughter from school. I still do a lot of carrying - I try to look at it as strength building :-)

Derv, That's so funny - and he probably finished the 20 averaging 5 minute miles. My older daughter commented one time that 26.2 miles wasn't that far because she followed me around with my husband in the car. Glad you survived your run Sunday (or should I say swim?)