Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sleep Like an Ironman

I was browsing around the Runner's World website when I saw a post about the official Ironman mattress. It is being marketed to runners and triathletes.

Hmmm...Steve and I have had our current mattress for over 15 years. It is like a bowl as we both roll towards the center and it's slowly compressing springs are squeaky. I wonder if I can talk him into one of these and I won't have to use him for a knee rest as my hips start to ache toward the end of marathon training (it's just like when I was pregnant with the girls, except without the big belly).

A press release quoted on the post at Runner's World says the "Celsion 5 Zone Latex supports the entire body and delivers pressure point relief and it ensures proper spine alignment and delivers pressure point relief." Other than having too many ands in that sentence, the mattress sounds good. It even "cools you when it's too warm and warms you when it's too cold." Now, coming from someone who lives in an old, drafty house without air conditioning, that sounds fantastic. Could I be a product tester? Please? Please?

Yeah, in my dreams which probably won't be dreamt on the official mattress of Ironman.

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Regina said...

hmm..don't know much about mattresses, so I won't comment on that. Saw your comment on stiffy leg blues and decided to check out your blog. Three things that attracted me: doing your first tri, Team in Training and Mom. I have all those things in common with you. I will continue to follow your progress and add you to my list of blogs that I follow. Good luck with your training!!