Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Keeping On Keeping On

Yep. That's pretty much how I feel right now. Training is okay. For the most part, I'm getting in the mileage. I don't think a 4-mile run Monday necessarily qualified as a strength workout (distance or effort wise) but I got out and ran.

The Indy Mini-Marathon is a month from tomorrow. Hey, I guess I'll get to start tapering here shortly. I just checked my training schedule - I guess it's a two week taper that starts after next week's 12 miler.

Today, I did a 7-mile tempo run. I don't know why, but I was uptight about it. Maybe because last week's tempo run was so good and I wanted today's run to be just like it. I finally told myself to calm down and just go enjoy the run. Run at a comfortable pace and get it done.

So, that's what I did. It was really windy today and I started out heading into it (better than ending that way). I was freezing and wishing I had worn gloves and an extra shirt. By the time I headed south toward the lake, I had warmed up a bit. I listened to a new podcast that is pretty good, Run Digger Run. Matt, the host, has 9 episodes out and I listened to the first one this morning before The Extra Mile, another good one.

I didn't look at my watch until I was almost to 4 miles, the turn around point. I took a minute to walk and catch my breath as well as check my time - I was averaging just under 9 minute miles which is where I wanted to be.

It must have been put in your boat hoist and clean up your yard day around the lake. I was passed at least three times by different marina vehicles, one pulling a hoist and then driving his hummer into the lake to place it. There were also various companies out cleaning up yards and shredding tree branches. So there was a little bit of dodging trucks and funny looks involved.

As I headed home, I had the wind at my back and just started talking myself through the hills (they are fairly small on this side of the lake but still, when you are tired, you would rather see some flats). Instead of running up my street, I ran up one over for some different scenery. I hit 7 miles and decided to finish it off by running to the end of the block.

At 6.34 miles, I was at 56 minutes, I think. I remember thinking I needed to be under 1:03 to average 9 minute miles and that I should be able to finish the remaining .66 miles in under 7 minutes. When I stopped my watch, I had run 7.04 miles in 1:02:44, an average of 8:55 per mile. Last week's tempo run was 8:57.

Yeah, I need to not let myself get worked up. Just go run.

By the way, my girls apparently just learned about April Fools Day and ever since Kate got home about two hours ago, it's been, "Mom, there's someone at the door. April Fools." or "Emily, there's a bug on your shoulder. April Fools." or "Em, there's a ladybug in your hair. April Fools." It cannot end soon enough :-) I think I'll have to start planning something good for next year.


Kelly said...

Sounds like a good run, I have such a hard time keeping my pace when I'm outdoors. When the pace is anything but super slow. Way to go!

Joe S said...

Sounds like good times. Keep it up. Soon the race will be here.

Regina said...

Wow nice envious!

gotta say, that Run Digger Run would make me more tired to listen to WHILE running...

Mom on the Run said...

Thanks everyone.

Regina, running with the podcasts helps me take my mind off the run a little bit, they talk about running so it's a little educational, and I don't get quite as bored as I used to with my playlists (although, many times, I would rather listen to a program than music anyway). There are a lot of good podcasts out there. Hope your ankle is feeling better.

Rick said...

Thanks for the blogging nudge. I had been meaning to update, just never quite got to it. We're all well, thanks. I see you're running well, too. Awesome! Isn't it funny after all the miles you put in, you still get anxious about runs?!? Tammy and I both do. I loved the Disney conversation with Emily. The girls are always so "matter of fact." This spring has been tantalizing, hasn't it? Gorgeous 40 - 60 degree days and then wind and snow like today. Ugh. Hopefully it will break for good soon. Have a great week!