Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still a Little Off

Got the 12 mile run in Saturday. It went really well. I was pretty happy with my pace and felt like I had enough energy the whole way (powered on Brown Sugar Poptarts). Unfortunately, that was the last time I ran. I did spin on Monday and felt good.

So now I'm getting ready to head out for a 7-mile tempo run and I have myself all worked up. My hips and lower back are tight, I've been having random pain in my leg which I'm hoping is just tight calf muscles, and an hour and 10 minutes to get this run done before getting Emily from preschool and running some more errands.

I am looking forward to this weekend. I have to run 10 miles Saturday and some miles Sunday, but that is all I must do. Hopefully, I'll just get to hang out with the girls and do not much of anything. That time has been sorely lacking and, starting next weekend, we have things going every weekend until Memorial Day when we'll hopefully head up to Michigan for a three-week escape.

Okay, I have to get


Regina said...

I am always getting worked up before a run. although my reasons are anxious ones. I am still not loving it yet. I swoon every time I see someone else doing bigger mileage....

hope it was a good one!

Rick said...

Hey, hope your feeling physically better. Three week getaway in Michigan Memorial Day weekend? You gonna sneak up to Bayshore to see Zoomy and Tammy and I that Saturday? LOL