Sunday, January 31, 2010

Been Thinking... it easier for someone who is "thin" to run than for someone who is a little overweight? It is this or is it difficult for everyone as you get started.

Personally, I think it is how much you want to run. That and whether or not you have any goals set for yourself.

Before I started running, I hated it. I always started out too fast and was worn out within a block or two. My spinning friend, got me and a couple of other playgroup moms to join her on her quest to run a 5K once again. We would run really slowly (basically because we were all out of shape moms with our youngest children under the age of 2). We probably were better off walking. Thanks to her, I got the bug and signed up with Team in Training to run the Chicago Marathon in October of 2006.

My very first run of anything over 2 miles was on Memorial Day weekend of 2006. Steve and I drove out a 4 mile route in our town. When we returned, he hopped on his bike and I ran. I remember about five minutes into the run, panting and asking Steve if we had gone a mile yet. Sorry, but it was only about a third of a mile.

That first month of running was tough physically but I made myself get out of bed at 6:30 a.m so I could get my run in before Steve had to go to work. Some runs were good. Others were just plain awful. Soon, the mileage increased and the mental questioning started. Can I really run 5 miles? Six miles? What?! I have to run 10 miles!!! But I conquered the miles, completed the marathon, and I've been hooked.

So, what is my point? I guess what I'm trying to say that it is tough for anyone to get started whether you are young or old, thin or overweight. But, by having a goal and sticking to a plan (some friend support doesn't hurt), you can become a runner.

What do you think?

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Regina said...

You are so right. I am a lifetime athlete, but have always hated running. I just started running about a year ago (don't hate it, but still looking for the love). It is tough if you haven't been doing it for a loooong time.