Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wht is With the Wind?

After not running since Sunday, I figured I had better get my butt out there today. It was 32 degrees as I drove home from work and starting to rain a bit, but not the ice that we supposedly had today that canceled school. (Seriously, the roads were dry and clear to the north this morning but I guess there was some severe icing to the south where some students come from).

Anyway, when I got home the girls were playing at a neighbor's house making it 100% easier to get out the door for a run. I decided I would do 4 miles but try a different route. I headed south first. Not bad. A little breezy and rainy but not uncomfortable. However, as soon as I turned east...ouch!! The wind picked up and the raindrops felt like ice hitting my forehead.

I turned around and headed west again, not bad. North was a different story! Yikes! A couple of points in my runs, every time I turned a corner, it felt like I was going into a head wind. It was the kind of wind you hear high up in the trees.

The worst part was that I needed one more layer on my legs. I think my tights probably got wet and while they dried out quickly with the wind, they didn't offer a lot of warmth or protection today. I may have some chapped legs tomorrow.

Overall, though. It was a great run. I think I kept a pretty even pace and it felt comfortable. I only walked a couple of times and then took off stronger than before. I ended up running 5 miles.

I found out this week that my favorite spinning teacher has a class at 6 am on Fridays. I haven't gone since I started working and am missing it because I think it has been such a great addition to my workouts and helps me push myself. I'm not sure if I'll go tomorrow, but it is on my calendar for next Friday morning. Steve's already agreed to get the girls ready for school on Fridays so I won't be quite so rushed.

It is time to get Emily out of the shower. Apparently she and her friend, along with Kate, played with the kid make-up and perfume (that supposedly smell like cotton candy) and she smells, not like a fresh bouquet, but of cheap body spray. Time to get rid of the smell and make the perfume disappear!

Have a great weekend.


Regina said...

I think I ran that run last weekend. It took like an hour for me to get feeling back in my fingertips and the front of my thighs!

Nikki said...

OH! Lili has that cotton candy perfume. One spray is definitely not enough, you know it takes at LEAST 10 sprays to smell pretty!
Everytime she sneaks and puts it on, we laugh and say "Me love you long time" because it just invokes certain thoughts...especially when worn with sequins and high heeled princess shoes.
Yeah, I know, we're terrible :)

BTW, I couldn't believe you guys canceled school last week. I guess you can kiss President's Day goodbye now.

Hope to see you sometime...